Sell With Us


We are always interested in helping you get rid of clothes that no longer work for you, for whatever reason.

We accept designer labels, from New Zealand and abroad, including shoes, bags, scarves and belts.

They need to be in excellent condition, freshly washed/dry-cleaned with no stains, rips or holes which gives them the best chance of selling


We have an 8 week cycle which gives the items a good chance to sell. 
Commission is shared net after 5% handling and advertising and split Style 55%, Client 45%. 

We aim to sell your items for the best price as quickly as possible- items will be priced at our discretion, and we reserve the right to discount items to get them moving if they are nearing the end of their sales cycle. If there is a certain amount you would like back please let us know when your items are brought in. 

An inventory list can be found below can be printed and brought in with your clothes to save time at drop-off.

We love a lot of different brands, but there are some that we don’t love so much – this is for numerous reasons. Please refer to our list below of ones that we don’t take.